(day one) Let the countdown begin…

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My Sandra is turning 18!

I know she is not truly mine, (and thank you, by the way, Sheryl for sharing her with me!) but she holds the key to a rare and special place in my heart that no one else in this world has access to. I am truly grateful for her life and everything she has added to my life over these past 18 years.

I thought it would be cool to use the next week (counting down to her 18th Birthday – March 29, 2012) as a way to express to her how much her life has touched mine. I know she wanted a “Victoria Secret” gift card (and I’m sure that will find its way to her too), but I wanted to give her something she could treasure, as she starts out on this new chapter of her life. Turning 18 is a BIG deal. I can’t believe it is almost here for her! Where did the time go?? It was a blink of an eye. She went from the chunky little “Bubbles” her dad use to call her, to the ever-so bubbly “Bubbles” that her “Team Tangerine” friends now lovingly call her. It is no surprise to me that the nick-name has been around for 18 years. Although, my nick-names for her, like “Sanda Panda” and “Sweetie Pea” are not as meaningful to me as the one I use every time I answer her phone call…. when she calls, I answer not with a hello? or a hi there, but with….”Sandra Marlene!?” Ask her, without fail, right Sandra? I never asked her if that annoys her or not, but for me… it is my way of letting her know that her phone call is so important, and that I love her so much, that the greeting requires her full given name.

K, so… I’m gonna try not to cry during the next 7 days, as I share with you my love for my niece Sandra, and as I reflect on the past 18 years she has been a part of my life. But, if you happen to notice a few tears on these blog pages, it is purely due to my heart’s overwhelming joy and happiness for knowing her the way I do.

So join me in celebrating Sandra’s 18th Birthday! Please share comments and memories here with her as well. Let’s fill her heart with love and happy thoughts! What a better gift to give!

Happy Birthday Sandra Marlene!

Let the countdown begin!

Love, Aunt Lisa : )

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