(day six) My Sandra…

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I did not had the privilege of being a mother in this life. And that is something that I would have liked to experience. But not one day goes by that I don’t feel so grateful to my two sisters Kim and Sheryl and my brother Brian, for sharing their children with me. I have felt the love, probably even stronger than any mom could, being an Aunt to all my nieces and nephews. I love each one of them more than anything in my life. I hope I have been a good aunt to them and I hope they know I will always be here for them as they go on and build their own futures.

My Sandra Marlene is the “light of my life”. She makes me smile from deep inside every time I am in her presence. She has been the one person in the world that has given me more joy and happiness and has given me a reason to believe in myself. She is my VP! She is my friend, and she is the most funny, smart and beautiful person I know.

I found this note Sandra wrote me a long time ago…

as I read it, I realized she HAS done something for me. Sandra, you have done more for me than I have ever done for you. Your debt has been paid in full sweetie pea. The love and respect you give me every time we are together is my true happiness.

Its almost your birthday Sandra. I can’t wait to celebrate with you this weekend! And on this day (Happy Birthday Dad/PeePaw : ) I wish you a wonderful last day of being a kid. Cause come tomorrow, your world is about to get good! Thank you for being You. Thank you for letting me love you.

Until tomorrow…

Love, Aunt Lisa : )


6 comments on “(day six) My Sandra…

  1. so im not sure if im suppose to write on this.. but what the hell im going to anyway! aunt lisa this is the best gift that anyone could ever give me, because money, a car, a victoria secret gift card would never be as special as this! I know I can look back at this years from now and remember everything., remember how much im loved by everyone one you you, and I couldnt be more grateful ❤ I love you so much aunt lisa you have done so much for me throughout these 17 years of my life, like making me focus on the positive 😉 being a "hopey" person! and believing in myself, making me realize that life really isnt that bad;) this weekend is going to be amazing! ;D Love you ❤

  2. I was waiting all day for Day Six and that was worth waiting for.. I love the pictures,and
    thought of Dad all day.. Happy Birthday dad ..i love you ! Thanks for the sweet cry..

    Happy Birthday soon
    Sandra. Aunt Kimmy

  3. whats funny is she look’s just like you in the first two pictures.. love it.

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