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(day five) Friends and “Team Tangerine”

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Sandra’s friends are so AMAZING! I have had the privilege of meeting most of them and they all know me as “Aunt Lisa”. You will have to ask her why they are “Team Tangerine”. Some things I just don’t question.

I had a little trouble finding pics of her with her friends, as a kid . Sandra was a bit of a loner in her early days. I remember trying to teach her how to make friends and not be afraid to just include herself in groups at school. But she’d much rather hang inside with the teacher at recess or sit alone.

Sandra's Brownie Troop in Aliso Viejo back in 2002.

I worried about her, and even started a Brownie troop just for her (and of course I was the troop leader : ). But she caught on, and built her own network of buddies! And now it comes so natural to her to be “bubbles” and a leader of her pack.

I love the way Facebook and iPhones has allowed kids to share images with each other and their families. Sandra is a photographer at heart and is always capturing “the moments of her life” and posting and sharing.

Sabrina, Sandra, Collin and Ryan. True friends for 10 years!

Sandra has made some lasting friends over the past 10 years or so. Ones she will keep her whole life. I know that to be true because, even after graduation, they are all still together. And because I have a few friends of my own who I’ve know and loved for over 35 years! Right Jacquie? My boyfriend Paul and I have know each since we were 14. So long-lasting friendships run in our family!

I hope everyone that reads this post will share a comment to their friend Sandra and tell her how much they treasure her friendship. The best gift you can give someone you love for their Birthday is kind words of gratitude that will make them smile : )


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