(day four) Sisters…

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This post is gonna be my favorite cause I get to talk about Sabrina! She so gets overlooked having a big sister, but she is an amazing kid and I don’t think she gets the spotlight she deserves.

One thing I have enjoyed noticing about their relationship is the growth from sisters to friends. Just like me and my two sisters, Kim and Sheryl, we are always happy to be around each other and truly like each other as people. I think we have passed that trait on to the girls and that makes me very happy!

I love that Sabrina has called Sandra “Sister” her whole life. Sabrina always took care of Sandra growing up. I don’t think Sandra realized it at the time, but she does more now. Sabrina helped her when she couldn’t do it herself, and looked up to her always. And what is so cool to watch now, the grown up way they both are around each other. I love them both so very much! And looking thru the pics of them together , I know they love each other too!

One of my favorite group of pics is the one where Sandra progressively gets tired of the camera and the holding of her baby sister. Makes me laugh every time I see it.

What a joy it has been for me to be able to watch them grow up to the beautiful and funny and sweet (yes, Sheryl they are always sweet to Aunt Lisa) girls!

You both make me very proud to be your Aunt : )


3 comments on “(day four) Sisters…

  1. Aww.
    Me and sister read this at the same time and almost cried. ❤
    I love you.

  2. love the Halloween Picture .. My favorite..

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