(day three) The ones who love her the most…

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I spent most of the day gathering and organizing photos. What a beautiful family I have.

Sandra’s family started with two young friends of mine, Sheryl and Carlos. I remember the both of them as one unit and they were kind enough to include me in their group. Even though Sheryl happens to also be my younger sister (of 11 yrs), I felt more like we were best friends. I know people say that a lot about their family, but for me, it is true. I would of chosen her as my friend without the family tie. And Carlos was a great father to Sandra! I miss him and I am truly sad for him that he has missed out on her life.

This love has never faded.... only gotten stronger every day.

Sandra's Parents Sheryl and Carlos

Carlos and Sandra

Sandra has amazing cousins, aunts and uncles and such a large extended family, I wanted to post pics of everyone and note them all, but there are just too many.

But there are a few that needed to be a part of this page because they have shared in the make up of Sandra’s character and personality. Sandra has had the gift of living with her Grandma “GranGran” her entire life. GranGran (GG) has watched over her and the whole family, and kept a roof over everyone’s head. She made our holidays beautiful and our birthdays so much fun! We are so blessed to have our GG! Jesse is Sandra’s Step dad. What a wonderfully caring and loving man he has been to our family. He loves Sandra as his own and has provided for her everything she needs and deserves. Thank you Jesse for loving our family and being a great role model to the girls. Sandra’s little sister, Sabrina is so special that I have decided to save tomorrow’s post just for her. So check in then and I’ll share more about the two of them….

GranGran with Sandra and Edward

Jesse and Sheryl

Sandra and her sister Sabrina.

Sandra (and the rest of the gang), I hope you will forgive me if I shared a photo or two that you would of rather I had run thru Photoshop. Believe me, in my eyes, none of you need any retouching!

There are a few people who had to leave us too early and did not get the chance to know Sandra the way I do. Her “PeePaw” was one of those people. He was here until she was about four. I know he has watched over her and smiles every time we are all together, and laughs along with us as we laugh together. He will always be a part of our lives. At 10:10 am or pm our family remembers “Aunt PeePaw” and we always will.

This photo was taken the morning after Peepaw passed away. This photo was framed and placed in my dad’s arms. My favorite part of this image is that no one directed the kids to hug each other or pose… that was all them! I love the natural love of my family : )

2 comments on “(day three) The ones who love her the most…

  1. thanks for the memories Lisa..Can’t wait for the rest of the blog. Although I see Sandra often, it is still hard to believe our Sandra is growing up.

  2. I was just going back to my email to comment on Kimmy’s comment when i read Lisa’s “day three”. I had planned on saying how beautiful it was what Kimmy had said and that she was a wonderful aunt, it proved it in what she wrote. I know this is Sandra’s special posting but i wanted to add how blessed i feel all the time for my family and how each and everyone of them are special in their own way. But as usual Lisa stated it so perfectly today. Thanks Lisa for all you said, i certainly couldn’t have said it as well. Grangran

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