Our family is a circle of…

Our family is a circle of strength and love…
With every birth and every union the circle grows…
Every joy shared adds more love…
Every crisis faced together
makes the circle grow stronger.


2 comments on “Our family is a circle of…

  1. I know that Sandra would not mind If i said a word about you.. Aunt Lisa
    We all are so blessed to have you in our life…

    You make us all laugh smile and always fill loved… I know we both wish our whole family would stay together our Aunts and Uncles that we don’t see but if they only knew how much they are missing with out our touch ,, I could say that we all Have dad in us and I make everyone laugh , and I say I’m funny because of my dad ….Family should stay together and we will always do that …… We are Family….We all know Edward takes after Dad forsure…. Well I just wanted to say We love you Aunt Lisa and you keep us strong and a family ….we might not have much but we have all the love. we could ever need.. I love you Kimberly

  2. Kim, you are so sweet! Thank you for taking the time to express your love to me and all of us too. I will comment more in a few….. Love you : )

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