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(day two) Once upon a time…

Sandra's first day out and about the world!

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…there was a little girl named Sandra.

I can’t quite recall that day she arrived. I remember more the days and months after, when she started to grow and crawl and walk and tap dance in the foyer of GranGran’s house in Aliso Viejo. She was a super calm and happy smiley baby. Her mom and dad were so in love with her and she was always surrounded by love.

Sandra was definitely a lucky little girl to have so many people there in the beginning of her life. Her parents Sheryl and Carlos, GranGran and PeePaw, all her aunts and uncles, and cousin Kelly! So much love : ) Her cousin Edward was not far behind in arriving (April 10). The pair were inseparable and are still very close today. So close in fact, that they now share a room, share friends and are planning their college lives together!

If i had to share one memory about Sandra’s early years (and I guess I do, cause this blog was my idea : ) It would be the way she lit up the room with her sparkly eyes and smile. There is nothin better than a baby’s smile! So true and pure and untouched.

Sandra’s smile made my heart so happy. I love being her Aunt. She is the light of my life!


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