(day one) Let the countdown begin…

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My Sandra is turning 18!

I know she is not truly mine, (and thank you, by the way, Sheryl for sharing her with me!) but she holds the key to a rare and special place in my heart that no one else in this world has access to. I am truly grateful for her life and everything she has added to my life over these past 18 years.

I thought it would be cool to use the next week (counting down to her 18th Birthday – March 29, 2012) as a way to express to her how much her life has touched mine. I know she wanted a “Victoria Secret” gift card (and I’m sure that will find its way to her too), but I wanted to give her something she could treasure, as she starts out on this new chapter of her life. Turning 18 is a BIG deal. I can’t believe it is almost here for her! Where did the time go?? It was a blink of an eye. She went from the chunky little “Bubbles” her dad use to call her, to the ever-so bubbly “Bubbles” that her “Team Tangerine” friends now lovingly call her. It is no surprise to me that the nick-name has been around for 18 years. Although, my nick-names for her, like “Sanda Panda” and “Sweetie Pea” are not as meaningful to me as the one I use every time I answer her phone call…. when she calls, I answer not with a hello? or a hi there, but with….”Sandra Marlene!?” Ask her, without fail, right Sandra? I never asked her if that annoys her or not, but for me… it is my way of letting her know that her phone call is so important, and that I love her so much, that the greeting requires her full given name.

K, so… I’m gonna try not to cry during the next 7 days, as I share with you my love for my niece Sandra, and as I reflect on the past 18 years she has been a part of my life. But, if you happen to notice a few tears on these blog pages, it is purely due to my heart’s overwhelming joy and happiness for knowing her the way I do.

So join me in celebrating Sandra’s 18th Birthday! Please share comments and memories here with her as well. Let’s fill her heart with love and happy thoughts! What a better gift to give!

Happy Birthday Sandra Marlene!

Let the countdown begin!

Love, Aunt Lisa : )


6 comments on “(day one) Let the countdown begin…

  1. I too cannot believe that 18 years have passed. I have had the privlege to share everyday of her life and love our ” bubbles “. What a wonderful tribute to her special day and leave it to Aunt Lisa to think of this special way. I’m sure you will see alot of tears on the pages as everyone who loves Sandra reads the count downs to her day.

    Love, Grangran

  2. We can’t believe you are almost 18..where does the time go? Sandra, you have turned into a beautiful young women. Uncle Ernie and I are so glad we have got to see you grow into the person you are today. Lisa, thank-you for the great pictures and memories. Enjoy whatever life brings you Sandra 🙂

  3. Sandra,
    We wish you all the best for the next chapter of your life. We know you will shine as bright as the brightest star!
    Happy Birthday!!!
    Love, Aunt Barbara & Uncle Richard

  4. Ok baby Sandra ,
    I Can’t believe you are going to be 18 yrs old… I want to share with you when I rurned 18 .. Halloween of course and Gran Gran said I could have a party so she made a cake and cleaned
    the big house .. Balloons in pool and chips on the table. Gran Gran did not notice that my high school made flyers and it was on….. Pee Paw made money at the door I had everyone + in our house and she sat in here room I think she was on a mouse broom cover It was the 80’s.. well long story short I remember turning 18 and thought i was so old….. remember your youth and remember your family friends come and go and come back but just remember Sandra and what you want to be and what you want…….

    I remember when you came home and all Kelly wanted was to hold you. You were here new baby doll. You loved Kelly and wanted to be just like here…. Do you have a tattoo picked out yet ? If not it’s coming .She loves you so much and you are so special… You are the sweetest ant the smartest of us all and the most beauty follow’s
    you everywhere ..

    I do have some great memories ..you of course tap dancing ..in hall. we do have it on video and could make some money $$$$$$$$ the cutest thing I have ever ever seen in my life,,, not laughing at you just loving you…. I always thought you were the cutest I wish I told you more…just looking at your pictures I cry . You are so Beautiful ….
    I always wished I was a better Aunt.. But next to AUNT LISA LOL I wish she was my Aunt Lol

    also watching you play in the pool …we would put you in a tube and you would stay in it all day,,, We hoped you liked it LOL
    I love you so much and always will.. you are the light of our family and i think everyone would agree By the way thanks Aunt Lisa i wanted to give her this . but Victory secret will have t do.. Sandra do you want cute PJ’s with feet… you will understand soon …….;I love you and always will Aunt Kimmy’s new thing is Life’s to short got to live it long……I love you and I’m so proud of you …….
    I know you are on a special trip and you can go and do anything in your hear ..
    I love you..Aunt kimmy

    Only day two

  5. Hi Sandra, Happy Birthday early! I don’t know you as well as everyone else but I see your affect on my oldest friend – your GranGran. She loves you very much and you bring a lot of joy into her life and in turn I love you for doing that for her over the last 18 years!. Love, Candi

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